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Madrid fruit importacion y exportacion de frutas verduras hortalizas de calidad
Madrid Fruit Buyer Importacion

Import of fruits and vegetables

Madrid Fruit supervises production, packaging and marketing, guaranteeing an exceptional fresh product, which reaches the consumer with all its qualities.
For this, the work in the field, is fundamental. A close relationship with the farmers and a direct and personal treatment with them, guarantee an optimum product quality and allows Madrid Fruit to meet the expectations of its customers.

The fruits and vegetables that Madrid Fruit sells, comply with the most demanding international standards in terms of food quality, taking care to the maximum the process that goes from the own cultivation, the collection, the packaging and the transport.

Madrid Fruit Buyer Exportacion

Export of fruits and vegetables

In Madrid Fruit we want the quality of our products to reach other countries, so we have a fast and professional export service.

During the export process, we control the time and temperature of the transport to ensure that they reach the destination in their optimum conditions of consumption both maturation and nutrients.

With a fleet of different capacities and characteristics, we can reach all the points that we propose as our logistical development supports us.

They just have to contact us to get our products wherever you want.

Madrid Fruit Buyer Logistica

Logistics services

Our main objective is to offer the best service of distribution and purchase of fruits and vegetables. That is why we always respect the cold chain throughout our service from the facilities of our suppliers to the facilities of our customers to ensure the maximum freshness of our products and their maturation period.

International transport, either air or sea, is coordinated with the best maritime and air companies, which offer us the fastest and safest solutions for our clients.

  • Quality control systems throughout the logistics process.
  • Definition of the logistic plan tailored to the client.
  • Reliability in the delivery service
Madrid Fruit Buyer Contacto

Contact us

Contact us, tell us what you need and we take care of everything else:

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